Reviews for ‘Lost in Manchester, Found in Vegas’

Although I did not buy on Amazon I feel compelled to write a review. I fortunately came across this book on a trip to my local Tescos, where the author was holding a book signing – So glad I did! What a fantastic read! Beautifully written with; pace, detailed descriptions and a clever use of music, creating an amazing playlist, that draws you in from the start and takes you on a roller coaster ride all the way to the final page. Had me laughing out loud on more than one occasion, and on the edge of my seat on others. An absolutely must read! #LIMFIVTrix,

“Every now and then a book comes along that stops you in your tracks. Nigel Cartner’s debut novel is just such an example. This adventure about a group of Manchester lads on trip to Las Vegas, is brilliantly well-written and makes compelling reading as we follow the hero’s journey to exorcise his demons. Along the way we are treated to a series of events that are by turns, hilarious, thought-provoking, tender and moving. A story of a group of male friends set loose in the debauchery that is Las Vegas, could so easily have descended into a litany of laddish antics, but such is Nigel Cartner’s talent that the description of laddish behaviour are kept to a minimum so that the real reason for the story shines through (that said, the scene with the comatose mate and the condom made me snort with laughter – we’ve all been there, right lads?).
And all of this to a rock soundtrack that will blow my iTunes budget out of the window. All to soon the trip was over, but it didn’t stop there. The ending left me breathless and I can’t wait for the sequel. This is one of the best books I’ve read in a long time and is crying out to be made into a movie.” travellin’ man,

“What a fire cracker of a read! Folks, you really need to read this rollercoaster ride. Superb writing – beautifully descriptive and paints the picture for the reader to the point where you feel like you can do the ‘mary poppins’ thing and step right into the painting and get on the Vegas ride. The soundtrack to the book was a genius idea and heightened the whole reading experience for me. Cannot wait for the sequel” answotti,

“Reading a good book is like having the self-satisfaction that you made the right choice! The back cover synopsis seemed to be about me with the added hedonism of Vegas, my heart had been broken and it was the banter of my mates and love for Rock n Roll that saw me through. Each time I read the book, which was a delight, I cherished the moments. Nice glass of Red, favourite chocky bar and the LIMFIV spotify playlist ready to go, this was 100% Me Time!. This book did not disappoint and at times it really was hard to put down, each time when I thought there was a natural end to my reading session “Bam” another shocker, I had to read on. Several times my bubble was disturbed by family coming to see what the hell I was laughing out loud about and also at times I felt the pain (& anger) for the main characters turmoil. The read is descriptive but not overly so you are there, you do talk to the book and the book talks back to you, “go big on the bet”, “don’t bet anymore”, “OMG! I didn’t see that coming”. Don’t mistake this book for a lads mag, its far more structured than that although its fair to say the lads banter is top class and I should know I had one mate put Ralgex Gel in my Jock-strap whilst playing football. Take some time out get a tipple in your hand and submerge yourself in a cracker of a read, your decision making just got better.” Stret,

“Absolutley incredible book! Cartner has the innate ability to draw you in, become one of the ‘pack’. You will laugh, cry, fist pump and be in absolute awe as this incredible adventure unfolds. Wish I could give it more than 5 stars. Rock N Roll forever!” Mia,

I have just finished this book and I there is lots of things that I loved about it. Firstly how it is written, there is a good amount of northern humour and it is really easy reading. I found myself flying through each chapter and chuckling to myself often. Secondly the detail, especially when describing Las Vegas, it really took me back there having been 5 years ago. Lastly the soundtrack throughout the book really adds to the story and I found myself buying songs off iTunes after each chapter! Overall a thoroughly enjoyable read that I would greatly recommend.” Krugerman,

“Such a good read! Exciting, thoughtful, pensive, very funny and altogether a compelling book I was very reluctant to put down! Well done to the author, it took time and sheer determination but you got there in the end.” Chrissy,

“Brilliant read, you feel all the emotions of Ricky and the boys as they embark on their life changing journey. Full of reminiscence, adventure and humour all backed by many wonderful musical references! Great debut, hopefully plenty more on the way!” JazzyJeff,

Loved this book! The story is brilliant, the characters are fantastic and the mix of laugh out loud moments coupled with the emotional journey the protagonist embarks on makes this novel page turning perfection! Gem,

“This is incredibly witty and a true likeness for what Vegas is about!!! Never really give Vegas a second thought but after reading the book makes me feel like I’m there and I want to repeat everything that Ricky and the boys experience!! Really well written and hopefully more agree!!! Can’t wait for the sequel already!!” Vickers,

“This book reflects all the feels of a coming of age holiday! Heartache, laughter and a bloody good knees up! Proper northern souls trekking to Vegas and finding themselves! Ripped through the book in a couple of days and honestly felt like I was hitting Vegas with Ricky and the lads! Can’t wait for the sequel! Honestly one of those books that take you to the place and gives you all the feels! Fantastic!” iTunes

“A really entertaining and relatable story about one man’s adventures (and misadventures) in Sin City. Really captures the atmosphere, excitement and trepidation of your first visit to Vegas. Well worth a read, really enjoyed it.” Fez K,

“A great book. A journey of self discovery for Ricky with the help of his friends Ian, Turner and Johnny. With the help of a fantastic soundtrack in the background you feel a complete part of the story as you follow the lads on their adventures on the Strip and beyond. #enjoytheride” Delphine Tinker,

“if you’re into rock n roll, laughing out loud, have questions about your life direction or a demon to nullify, this is for you. 10/10”.” @stretin2music

“A story of sheer bloody minded optimism about a man who faces his demons head on, goes through hell and comes out renewed on the other side. A very well crafted novel, clear to follow and a satisfying read. Excellent descriptive writing that places you within the mind of the protagonist and a finale that takes you onto another realm!” Mike Campbell,

This book had me gripped to my seat I’ve been to Vegas and I actually thought I was back there this book is a must for anyone who likes a good read looking forward to the sequel it’s a masterpiece many thanks.” Amazon Customer,

“Coming from Manchester and having been to Vegas on a few occasions, I could truly embrace the content and the Northern wit within. The story flows like the roller coaster at the top of the Stratosphere, from the highs of winning on the gaming tables to the lows of the last 5 dollars in the slots. The gripping story of 6 days in Vegas whilst soul searching at the same time. A great read. Looking forward to the next instalment.” deanos’s beano,

“I picked this up on Sunday morning and couldn’t put it down. #EnoughSaid” John C. Cutts,

“Great read, good storyline and characters, looking forward to the sequel” DRWilli59,

“A great read with realistic characters with clever music references. Great read.” Richard McCann,

“Love this book! Funny and thought provoking. Really brought Vegas to life for me.” Judy M,

“Fantastic, creative, and a great insight on Las Vegas for those who haven’t visited.” Callum,

“Really enjoyed this book. Very well written and the soundtrack flowing throughout was awesome (especially how the music matched each scene). The author brought to life the highs and lows of Vegas! Loved it and well worth a read :-)” Robyn,

“Great read, actually feel you are there with the lads on this holiday. Looking forward to a follow up.” Phil Frost,

“Absolutely brilliant, what a fantastic read, can’t wait for the sequel.” Leigh Tristam,