Matt Fryers – ‘Raw’ EP Review

If ever a singer/songwriter was deserving of a physical release to reflect his efforts and immense talent, then Matt Fryers is that artist. Having been on the circuit for many years, playing a series of gigs in and around Manchester and beyond, and collaborating with artists on tracks in Europe, the time has come for Matt to put on record a few of his own songs that have mesmerised gig goers wherever he plays.

‘Raw’, is just that, a five-track bombardment of raw emotion that sees Matt at his poignant best, played live and stripped back to emphasise the sensitivity. It conjures up the image of a man sat on a stool in an empty theatre pouring his heart and soul out to the ghosts of his past that are taking up the hollow seats in front of him. Although this is just a man with his solitary weapon of choice to hand, he manages to twist and turn through a variety of styles, and deliver in a way that speaks to people on a personal level. 

‘Last Words’ starts us off, a real mood capturer and insight into Matt’s world. Lyrically, heart rending and delivered with such passion and gusto it’s hard not to feel the pain in your own soul. Lyrics are punchy and quick in parts, swirling between the softer reflective moments. As the song travels along, the emotion becomes louder and more passionate to make it a song of real grit – a fantastic opener.

‘Riddle to Solve’ and ‘Fear of the In-Between’ are two other ballads in the same vein as the opener, filled with thought provoking emotion. Both are a bit softer than ‘Last Words’, but nonetheless they still enwrap you in their spellbinding clutches, which is hard to escape from.

The second song, ‘Pages’, is a little different, carrying quite a desert/country feel to the tone, and is less emotive than others. It’s the sort of track that’d be a great addition to the Sons of Anarchy soundtrack as it captures the essence of a quiet and moody ride into the unknown.

‘Stitch’, the final track, was written in a couple of days and is a late addition to the EP. This one shifts again from the usual heart rendering nature of Matt’s soul, and instead carries undertones of a subtle funky beat that keeps the track intriguing throughout. It’s an alluring track that completes the EP perfectly.

This is a fantastic piece of work from Matt Fryers, and is only the beginning of a series of releases that will showcase just how big a talent the guy is. He has such a distinctive vocal and look, and even more of a distinctive look with that vocal. He wouldn’t be out of place being part of the Hells Angels, but rather than ride along with them he soundtracks their most emotive, triumphant and distressing moments.

‘Raw’ is a deep and meaningful slab of song writing, and is the sort of EP that whistles through the wind on a lonely trek through the wilderness while searching for some sort of peace and understanding. When you have questions, ‘Raw’ goes some way to help find the answers.

You can download the EP for FREE from from Sat 26th August 2017 – WELL WORTH IT!!