Matt Fryers – ‘Heads or Tails’ Single Review

Matt Fryers, one of Manchester’s most naturally gifted singer/songwriters, returns with the exciting and highly anticipated new single, ‘Heads or Tails’.

With a unique look and style combo, Fryers has been astonishing gig goers for years, grabbing the hearts of many with his poignant, acoustic-driven song-writing and gritty vocals that wouldn’t be out of place on the American blues circuit.

His last EP, ‘Raw’, exemplifies this, but the new single marks a step away from the ballads we’re accustomed to seeing over the years. ‘Heads or Tails’ is a song that was written years ago that has undergone some minor surgery, which Fryers has stated, “it’s about different ways of going about things leading to the same outcome. Frustration really, but not in an angry way, more tongue in cheek.”

With an atmospheric fade in, we’re treated to something a little diverse and dynamic. Of course, the cool, scintillating vocals retains the same level of power and captivation. Nestled within them are some strutting guitar melodies, tinged with a dark country element, but what’s more prevalent is an arrangement of simple and funky electronic beats and atmospherics that lifts Fryers beyond the realms of acoustic performer to an area that’s deemed more mainstream – but he doesn’t half pull it off. It’s interesting to hear him thrust into a new limelight, and it’s hard to argue against his compatibility. After several listens, I’m finding it’s quite an addictive track.

There’s something about Matt Fryers’ style, look and aura that elevates him above many of his peers. Blessed with an incredible amount of raw talent, he’s equipped with all the tools and ingenuity of achieving what most can only dream of. ‘Heads or Tails’ shows his adaptability to an ever-changing music scene that sounds refreshing, whilst also keeping true to the core values of his roots and style that made him such a fascination in the first place.

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Photo by Stacey Knowles

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