Barclay James Harvest – The Ritz, Manchester


In terms of the UK, ‘Barclay James Harvest’ are possibly the most underrated and best band many people have never heard of. By rights I shouldn’t even know who they are judging by my age, but they are an outstanding, awe inspiring 70s/80s prog rock band from Saddleworth, Oldham, who’ve played a huge part in my musical upbringing having been astutely aware of them for the past twenty five years or so. Continue reading

Rowetta Interview


In light of a year that has seen the Manchester star rise once again from a brief exodus, I was lucky enough to interview one of its most loved descendants. With the more recent news about ‘The Happy Mondays’ new album, coupled with the mounting success of local band, ‘Rainband’, it was only right to interview a woman that has played a pivotal role in this renewed success, amongst various other projects in and around Manchester. In terms of music, she is the ‘Queen of Manchester’, the self confessed, ‘Ms Manchester’, which led her to change her surname to the city she adores. Continue reading

Stone Roses @ Heaton Park 2012


Eight months since the announcement that shook the world, and we finally arrive at the weekend that would see 210,000 people descend upon Europe’s largest park for without doubt the largest and most anticipated reunion in music history. For many of us the eight month wait has been a breeze, considering we’ve already suffered seventeen years of questioning, reliving, wandering, imagining, waiting and hoping for this date. But now, all the ‘what if’s’ were about to be answered in what was a mouth watering resurrection that would hopefully shift the focus of music back to its rightful home. Continue reading

Cast: Live at The Ritz – 4/4/2012


‘Cast’ are back with their first album in eleven years, titled ‘Troubled Times’. With a series of gigs announced to compliment the new album, ticket demand has been high, which may have caused the unexpected move from playing Manchester Academy to the HMV Ritz just weeks beforehand, a venue more capable of housing the scores of fans that descended upon this prestigious venue. Continue reading

Kings of Leon – Manchester

In Old Trafford Cricket Ground, one of Manchester’s premier gig venues, a band took to the stage that has endured a steady rise towards world greatness that has spanned nearly a decade. From their first album release in 2003, they have grown from the obscurities of alternative hillbilly blues rock music from the depths of Tennessee to one of the world’s best known recent bands, and their ascendancy shows no sign of diminishing. Tonight, an eagerly awaited crowd gathered to watch the phenomenon that is ‘Kings of Leon’.

Continue reading