Bagheads by Karen Woods – Book Review

Having been pointed in Karen Woods’ direction after a book signing in Tesco Middleton by their staff, I felt the need to check out a fellow Mancunian Author, who, as the staff put it, is ‘raw and gritty, writing stories about Manchester.’

I had the pleasure of meeting Karen after this sound advice and she told me to read Bagheads first from her vast collection (18 books now! Impressive!). Continue reading

I AM: Film Review – ‘Unlearn What You’ve Learnt’

Who are we? A very simple question with the most varied and complex of answers. Well, as a race we are far from perfect. You only need to switch the news on to find evidence of that with the majority of story’s revolving around violence, war and poverty, an array of terrible things we do to each other on a personal and global scale. But how did we end up this way? Where did we go so wrong? ‘I AM’, a truly powerful documentary film by director Tom Shadyac investigates why? For those unfamiliar with Shadyac, he is as he puts it, “the man to make Jim Carrey talk out of his arse,” a pun in identifying himself as the man who directed ‘Ace Ventura’, ‘Bruce Almighty’ and ‘The Nutty Professor’ amongst other comedies.

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