A Certain Kind of Light by Mary O’Meara Review

From debut novelist, Mary O’Meara, comes, ‘A Certain Kind of Light’, a compelling and beautifully written love story that goes above and beyond the archetypical theme you might expect within the romance market, giving a fresh and unique approach to the genre.

This tells the story of Eileen and her exciting move to London to start a new chapter in her life within the Arts and Theatre industry. What she doesn’t count on is meeting Charlie, a charismatic actor who she becomes completely besotted with and convinced he is the one she’s meant to be with, despite her affections not being noticeably reciprocated.

On the surface, her feelings appear to be sheer lust and infatuation, but it becomes apparent that something a little more powerful and meaningful is at work beyond her control. Eileen initially struggles to understand what it all means as the freakish coincidences, profound visions, and sixth sense feelings haunt her everyday life.

Seeking help from those more in the know about the hidden mysticism of the universe, the story ebbs and flows through Eileen’s own journey of self-discovery that leads her to understanding more about her visions through inner well-being and spiritual enlightenment.

‘A Certain Kind of Light’ is entwined in tragedy and beauty, but fundamentally there’s such an undercurrent of inspiration flowing throughout – suggesting that true happiness is found within. Although not a genre I’d specifically seek out, it was Mary’s debut music biography, Between the Lines: A History of Haven, that had me intrigued to see how her style of writing and enchanting narrative transferred into the novel scene. I wasn’t disappointed at all as I found myself truly gripped by this soulful, brave, honest and emotive story. Being extremely relatable with a concept that is fascinating and educational, ‘A Certain Kind of Light’ shows how forces that we maybe don’t quite understand play a part in finding the sort of peace we all secretly crave. This is a highly recommended book for anyone looking for something a little different with an interest in spirituality and inner well-being.