6 – Sedona

With Mohawk Radio having an early flight the following day, it was decided beforehand to drive up to Phoenix for the night so they could be closer to the airport for when they move onto Texas.

Sue and I are staying with a girl called Jennifer in a cosy and modern flat just off the Interstate, and the band and Maddy have a full house to themselves ten minutes away.

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4 – Mohawk Radio in Tucson

The trip so far is testing from a writer’s point of view. Not that I’m short of material, far from it, but I’m too busy to update. I’m having a blast and I don’t want it to end, that’s the important thing! Every day is different!

Today’s the day where the rock n roll element of the tour kicks in. We are going to meet Mohawk Radio and watch them play at Sky Bar later on. The token jet lag still hasn’t let up and it’s about 6am when the messages between Me, Mia and Maddy start, trying to organise breakfast.

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Paris – The 40th Anniversary of Jim Morrison’s Death

On March 13th 1971, a young poet and rock idol moved from America to Paris with his girlfriend.  After four years of heavily being in the limelight for both the right and wrong reasons, a brief exile had become a necessity to escape the trials and tribulations bestowed upon him, as well as a need for renewed creative inspiration in a place that is home to many writers, poets and philosophers. Unfortunately, the old habits of this troubled genius failed to cease, and on July 3rd 1971, he met his demise in mysterious circumstances. Over the years, several theories have put been put forward about what actually happened that night, including whether or not he died at all. Whichever story is true, it led to a quick burial at the world famous Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris.

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I AM: Film Review – ‘Unlearn What You’ve Learnt’

Who are we? A very simple question with the most varied and complex of answers. Well, as a race we are far from perfect. You only need to switch the news on to find evidence of that with the majority of story’s revolving around violence, war and poverty, an array of terrible things we do to each other on a personal and global scale. But how did we end up this way? Where did we go so wrong? ‘I AM’, a truly powerful documentary film by director Tom Shadyac investigates why? For those unfamiliar with Shadyac, he is as he puts it, “the man to make Jim Carrey talk out of his arse,” a pun in identifying himself as the man who directed ‘Ace Ventura’, ‘Bruce Almighty’ and ‘The Nutty Professor’ amongst other comedies.

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