Kings of Leon – Manchester

In Old Trafford Cricket Ground, one of Manchester’s premier gig venues, a band took to the stage that has endured a steady rise towards world greatness that has spanned nearly a decade. From their first album release in 2003, they have grown from the obscurities of alternative hillbilly blues rock music from the depths of Tennessee to one of the world’s best known recent bands, and their ascendancy shows no sign of diminishing. Tonight, an eagerly awaited crowd gathered to watch the phenomenon that is ‘Kings of Leon’.

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14 – A Reflection

I believe travel to be an essential part of life’s mystic journey, and it’s something I’ve always felt a deep connection and passion for in whatever form it takes. Before this particular journey began, I had no idea what to expect on such an action packed adventure. Two weeks on the road in America was new territory and a far cry from our usual European destinations. Not to take anything away from these types of holidays and breaks, they are necessary in their own right, but compared to what we experienced on the other side of the pond, there was a noticeable gulf in stature.

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13 – Las Vegas: The Final Showdown

From Los Angeles to Las Vegas

The last day on this epic journey has arrived. This is no time for quiet reflection on the past two weeks. There’s a lot of life left in this trip, and also a lot of mileage to cover on what promises to be one of the more exciting drives we’re about to take. The final ride and the last leg looms, starting with the legendary drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, immortalised in so many films, including, ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’, ‘Swingers’ and ‘The Hangover’….and now, you can add ‘The Ongoing Adventures of Nige, Sue and a Rock Band’ to that list.

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12 – Los Angeles – Guns n; Roaches and Eviction Notices

Late last night Mohawk Radio arrived, so the plan was to get down to Venice Beach, where they had their own Airbnb near the beach front, and spend the whole day and night with them on our final day in LA.

Another cheap Uber was taken,  and having given the driver the address of where the band were staying, it turns out it was about a thirty second walk from where the iconic Jim Morrison painting is located, just the other side of it in fact.

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11 – Los Angeles Part 3 – On The Doors Trail

You can’t come to LA with the obsession I have about The Doors and Jim Morrison and not go on a little orienteering expedition to find key places in their history. The first part of the day is exactly how that was spent. Actually, I think a little bit of the whole day had some sort of reference to The Doors about it.

I’d done a bit of research beforehand to find where these places were, courtesy of, which gives a tour guide to all the places in LA that are relevant to The Doors. I knew I wasn’t going to get round all of them, but I liked the idea of being on sort of trail. Continue reading

10 – Los Angeles Part 2

We woke up on a bright and smoggy morning in Los Angeles realising that we’d not eaten for twenty four hours ever since we stopped at Desert Springs. Our hunger became more evident as the morning wore on so it was a necessity to get some food. We headed straight for Sunset Boulevard and basically dived into the first place we saw, which happened to be a classy bar called, State Social House. It was just before noon when we arrived and the place was busy, with most people having champagne breakfasts already at their table. Only in LA right?

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9 – Los Angeles Part 1

Palm Springs has been a golden nugget found in a field of treasure, even if we’d only spent about fifteen hours or so there….but what a fifteen hours they were. We were back on the road bright and early, properly falling into the groove of travelling now, roaming from town to town, leaving a trial of memories in our wake across the land we explored. Much more to see! Much more to do! And LA up next! This was the longest leg of our trip where four nights will be spent just off Sunset Boulevard, primly located opposite The Viper Room and a two minute walk to the famous Whisky a Go Go. I’m excited to hit LA, but one final treat was in store before we fully departed Palm Springs borders.

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7 – Grand Canyon

Today’s my birthday! Happy Birthday to me! I get the chance to go to The Grand Canyon, arguably the most impressive natural wonder site in the world. Once again, thanks to Sue for this amazing present! It really doesn’t feel like my birthday at all because I’m out here. It’s strange that I received birthday messages the night before because the UK is seven hours ahead. Still, I have a whopping three cards to open when I wake up; from Sue, my parents, and Sue’s mum. I set them up on the table in our room. Sadly, there’s no cake!

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